Sunday, June 14, 2009

Podcast Review: The Command Line

The Command Line podcast is one of the most well rounded technology shows I've listened to. It is very well produced, arrives on time and is a very mature show. I have to say that my choice of "mature" is not by accident, let me explain.

This show concerns itself with complex issues such as copyright, tech topics including programing code while still taking some time to address the human side. With reflective episodes that take a step back from programming to look at the programmer himself, this is the first podcast that I have listened to that insists on remembering the humans who participate in the technology of today.

That does not mean that the tech doesn't get covered. The host Thomas Gideon a.k.a cmdln covers tech topics from code writing to the sciences. With a very grown up honest look at not just the need or desire of the tech but also the moral implications. Most impressive is that cmdln seems to be the only podcaster that I've heard who is not afraid to look at the analog version of things with respect enought to consider them relevant. He is one of the first ones who has taught me that I should measure the quality of analog vs. digital before getting into further discussion of which digital is best.

With episodes coming out normally 2 during a week with a duration of about 30 min but some special episodes a bit longer, this is a very sensible clear voice in the noise that is tech coverage.
The Command Line podcast also adds the interjection which is that of a insightful husband, father, person and programmer.

I highly recommend this podcast to your podcatching program if you feel like the news you are receiving could be a comedy show, this should be a refeshing mature view of the topics of the day. I've been listening to The Command Line for about a year and a half, and I've heard cmdln appear on some of my other podcasts and I have nothing but the highest respect for his work and his candid discussions of his family life


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