Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation time in Italy

Well, since my last post I have managed to take two weeks vacation to visit the newest member of the family Giovanni Junior, in Naples. The family (both boys and wife) and I jumped in the car with the dog and enjoyed the very warm weather at the end of June there.

Since, the single thing that has had the most buzz in the house was the film Sicko by Michael Moore. This really hit home with my wife and I. Probably because we did live as married parents in the states for over ten years and moved to Europe just after 9/11.

For anyone who has seen the movie and thinks that the conversation with the group of ex-pats in the french cafe, or the feedback from the British folks is poo-poo, I'm here to tell you that it's not. I personally think this is some of the best work we've seen from Michael since Roger and Me. I would recommend anyone in the states see this film and give it serious consideration. Not that there should be some major revolution, but for sure, Americans should consider that the most powerful nation on the planet does a good job taking care of it's wars and business, but the citizens are getting the shaft.

I really did see and do more things during my vacation time and since, but that is the most recent hub-bub, so I'm pretty sure to make some posts here in the near future. Hopefully, less political but I make no promises.