Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hackit+ - Ethical Hacking training course

I'm excited to write about a little project I've been working on.  I've helped a team of very special and talented folks with creating Premier Course ware for Ethical Hacking.  It is a paid program for instructing on hacking from the very introductory levels.  If you've never worked on security before, or if you are thinking of trying to, but all the material you find out there is way too advanced, then try Hackit+.

With lessons that start with explanations of virtual machines and Linux all the way up to advanced exploitation techniques, this course will bring you from 0-60 in just 15 lessons.  The product has just launched, but the community plans are strong and engaging.  With user driven forums for members only along with access to download and try to hack example virtual machines.  Launching new ones all the time to test your lessons learned.  These virtual machines comprise "Hackville" which is what they call the collection of virtual machines which represent citizens and businesses inside a simulated town.  With resources and persons simulated with virtual machines, these test your learned material and challenge you to creative problem solving.

This courseware is not your traditional fare.  It is engaging and pushes the student to try and experiment and learn by doing.  This course is not for a passive student base.  But for people who are curious about the field of Penetration Testing, Security or just wanting to learn from the bottom up, this course is engaging and has the promise of a strong community structure to keep you engaged for months to come after your complete the course.

There is a certification exercise at the conclusion if you are so inclined, this process will earn you a certificate of completion that will be backed by the Hackit+ team.  This certification is included with the courseware at no extra charge.  Visit the website for the details and dive in if you too would like to learn how hacking works, even if you don't have any previous experience.

I do apologize, I normally don't endorse products on this blog, but as it is very much in line with my philosophy on these things and the Tin Foil Hat Show podcast, I thought it an interesting piece for anyone who normally follow what I'm writing about.

Happy Hacking.  And remember: If it hacks you, you should HACK IT BACK!
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