Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who needs TV with video podcasting around

On Network, video podcast provider has amazing content that seems to be very in tune with my lifestyle. From hippie organic eating to video game reviews.

Providing insight to people my age on the "alternative" lifestyle trends that seem to be gaining traction with the folks of "Gen-X" as we become thirty-something.

I would recommend that anyone interested in looking for some video podcast content start there and anyone who just needs a little more content add a few of these shows to their content feed.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mommy needs a new box.

Apple makes good news. Linux still doesn't know how. Both are better than those other guys.

Everyday consumers, like my 64 year old mother, are looking to put their money anywhere besides the MS bank. It is a powerful statement when people use their consumer dollar in such a way.

I really love computing as a hobby. I truly enjoyed the 80's and the "making it work" home computing. I'm not trying to sound old, but there was a time when nothing worked with plug-n-play and you had to tweak everything.

Today, it's much easier. But if you like that kind of stuff, linux is awesome. But the fact that we have come to the day when we might suggest to a senior citizen family member that they endure tweaking text files to let newly purchased hardware work over purchasing established platforms is a sad state of affairs.

To sum up, computing has always been a matter of joy and heart for me and right now my vote is Apple, then Linux and finally if ALL else fails...and new Microsoft machine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catching Up since the new Mac.

I have been silent and away for too long. I have officially berated myself for lack of participation. I have a few reasons why, none of them good enough to justify not putting "pen to paper".

The largest time guzzler of my time since my last post has been the introduction of a new mac mini to the house. The first mac in the family, it is getting most of the attention just as if a newborn baby in the house.

As well, at work (here in Italy) half of the staff is on vacation in July and the other half in August. This has created a lot of busy work for me and as a result I am spending as much of my free time completely disconnected if I can.

I'm back on track and will be making more updates now. I've broken out my real pen and paper and am starting to make more notes so there should be some "older" material arriving soon.