Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm not sure if this embed code works correctly, but if not, clicking the monument on the right hand side then makes available a link directly to the archive.

A backup of the aired TFH shows has been made and are available at

While I have officially podfaded (yes, this is my formal announcement) I do plan to return once real life isn't quite as time consuming with family medical stuff.  I wanted to make a backup of the Tin Foil Hat Shows made to date in a place where I knew they wouldn't disappear.  The files maintain their jpg stenography embed and the password remains the same as posted in the blog post for episode number 1.

Thanks to you all for your support during my run, I do hope to initiate again, and will post here on my blog again once TFH is relaunched with all the details at that time.

I hope to be making blog posts which aren't as time consuming (relatively speaking) and once back to a routine that supports it I will be looking to produce TFH again.

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