Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Geeks United

I am sitting here in the quiet corner of my room...just as the millions of us are, thinking that if only for a brief moment our voices could unite in one yell and call out to the world, it would say "We are strong, we are mighty!".

We are the geeks and we should be proud. We use alternative operating systems, we hack our iPhones and we cannot be stopped. Why does any company think it can push us aside or ignore us? We are the of the same vein as the programmers and hardware geeks that gave them their power today.

We have heroes who don't have trading cards and who's names end with strange sounds like *.ski and *.itz. We are the formally ostracized. Yet not two days go by without someone asking me how to make some electronic gizmo in their life work, this thing that makes their life whole. I share my geek with others, but my passion overwhelms all other topics of conversation.

I am the doctor of inanimate objects and I am smart. And even though the "big dogs" ignore us, we of geek kind, I know that when I walk down the street and see some other geek slipping their glasses into their pocket in order to fit in that they see me too and we both know that we are not alone.

I think I have decided that this blog, this journal of passion, for me will become my sounding board for all of the inherent wrongs done to geeks. Probably because of personal use, Linux will be my next battle-cry.


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