Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Linux: Support =recognition

Why is linux still getting the bad rap?

We (Linux users) deserve the same kind of support as other OS's. We are a consumer base that is mighty and powerful and who spend all of our spare revenue at because they are the only vendor that "gets us".

Even skype is supporting us, (slowly, but they are) with a closed binary which I support just fine. If a company wants to keep it's code closed but produce the port for Linux, I think that's fine. My biggest complaints are about companies who write software to access other online premium (or pay) services. So the software is free as a front-end to an online store. Why would you not want to include Linux in the fold and only gain more consumers.

I know that this is a consumer driven market, so I am not spending any money online with any service that doesn't make it's products available based on OS used. That is just insane. I mean if any company wants to give me just the excuse to not easily give them my money, it is their loss.

Join me in my boycot if you have the guts. Geeks need to defend their right to be treated as first class computing citizens...I mean, we only make the internet work and all. :-P

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