Monday, May 4, 2009

Podcast Review: No Agenda

From what at first blush would be a very unlikely combination for a news source, John C Dvorak and Adam Curry unite forces to bring what might be one of the most comprehensive "news" shows of our day.

With Adam bringing a more European point of view from the MTV Generation, and John with a more conservative while very informed point of view manage to cover the hottest news topics of the day from almost all points of view.

I am content that on occasion that conspiracy theories and corporate assassins are used as plausible story coverages, because these guys manage to cover the narrow and wide view of political and economic issues. These are the ways in which current topics won't be covered in mainstream media and whether you agree with the points of view offered, the dialog between the two of them most times offers the "devil's advocate" perspective.

Non staged or scripted besides talking points, No Agenda is where I get clued into mainstream news stories without having to follow the fear monger, commercially paid for media coverage. This exposure brings me back to the days when "news" was reported and not presented with an agenda as the name of the shows implies.

Two thumbs up for this news show which is not my normal flavor of show, but if I had to choose only one news show to have in my podcast diet it would be this one.


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