Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oops, windows again

Another reason, why I don't prefer windows. I had the simple task of adding a mouse to the laptop I was using. This particular laptop did not come with a function key that would disable the on-board mouse. after adding the external mouse, it was impossible in the operating system to disable the mouse easily from the mouse control panel.

This action, to disable the on-board mouse is a simple click on the mouse control panel in Ubuntu and one that I have used for years. My newest laptop offered the chance to dual boot with a legit copy of windows and enjoy both worlds on this newest device. As the activity of dual booting was proving to be it's own troublesome activity (Asus EEE PC 901 with two SSD's 1x4gb and 1x8gb) I have renewed frustration with windows again. I'm thinking I just might migrate this new netbook completely to Linux and just not give a care about windows...again!

Can it be that after all of this time even XP stinks this much. This netbook cannot support (nor would I want) vista. I could probably hold out for windows 7, however, my disdain for windows has yet again put the insistent idea of "why not just use Linux and be happy in my mind again.

It is such a simple thing, the mouse issue, you know on any laptop it makes sense to be able to disable the touchpad, but when the manufacturer of the laptop does not have the foresight to include a function button for this, I feel it is the operating system who should naturally pick up the gap.


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