Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Podcast Review: Linux Cranks

Right. In case the name was confusing, this is the Linux Cranks (and I do mean Cranks!!) Oggcast. No joke. And if you ask for the mp3 feed they might just DDoS you where you sit. The team of guys who have a very short talking points list manage to ramble for over an hour using curse words and inappropriate metaphors to explain the view of the world from pure geek eyes.

These guys will not accept "I don't want to use the command line." as an excuse to not hardwire your home automation and manage remote switches using only an ssh connection. Pretty hard core and geeky talk but when stretched out over an hour or two it sounds more like the weekly card game where everyone goes to smoke cigars and hide from the wives.

The entire crew has a very human sense of humour. There is no political correctness and they make no apologies for seeing the world over their keyboard. I really like listening to the guys and hanging out in IRC with them during the week even when they aren't doing the show. Actually, after listening to these guys for a few weeks, they start to feel like old friends and are just as approachable in IRC as they sound like on the show. These are in fact, my new "buds" and I hang out more with them in chat than I do with real people in real life.

The show technically comes out every other week as they alternate with TiT Radio, but it is also pretty much the same guys talking about the same stuff with a slightly different show format but about the same length. You can find all the info on the sister show at the Linux Cranks website.


P.S. shout out to: Peter64, threethirty, artv61, snkmchnb, mesoDann, pegwole, jlindsay, Xoke & Mrs. Xoke, Klaatu, Azimuth. <--- not in any particular order.

P.S.S - and a giant "atta-boy" for monsterb


Peter said...

Well if that aint the best review of any oggcast Ive ever read.

Glad you enjoy the show, we sure as hell enjoy doing it ;)

ps Dont forget to add Monsterb to your shoutout, after all he's the boss and we'll have to put up with him being in a bad mood if you don't

CafeNinja said...

Done and Done! Let me know if I left off anyone. I remember it was late when I was writing that one :)