Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Podcast Review: Podiobook.com - Author Scott Sigler

While I listened to this book as a podcast, via Podiobooks, as the name describes they are audiobooks delivered in podcast format.  I have found quite a few great books at Podiobooks so I wanted to feature not each book, but rather authors.  I say this because there are a few authors like Scott Sigler who have a small catalog that would take me many posts to review all of the books I've read from him.  So this podcast review is for the author and his collection of works available at Podiobooks.

First point would be the presentation.  I mean to say the voice acting, audio production and the ability to create the setting though voice which by old school definition might be described as "story telling".  On this, Scott would get an 11 out of 5.  I have to say that it is very clear that Scott is pumped about his own material and it comes across in his work.  There are many authors who should NOT read their books, in this case I would suggest that they should get Scott to read it for them.  Amazing voice characters,  fantastic pacing and just enough background sound effects to bring the edge of dept to a two dimensional presentation.

Scott has written quite a few books, some not available at Podiobooks.  I would recommend you visit his website to get details on his complete works.  I cannot rave enough about how great his work is, a few of his books are actually available in print.  I am personally waiting to get the collection of books I've read in hardback series.  If paperback makes you happy, go for it.  I really strongly suggest Scott Sigler's works to anyone who is looking for a high energy fiction "listen".

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