Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Podcast Review: H4cked.com

H4cked Podcast is a great tech show.  It's the batter of two brothers Seawn and Steve who discuss the way that real people talk about tech.  This podcast runs 45 min to just over an hour long, comes once a week.

Unique to this podcast is the fact that these two bring the perspective of supporting windows to feed the family while using linux and mac at home.  This brings a "better here, better there" exposure to the conversation that not many podcasts have.   Unfortunately most tech podcasts get carried away bashing the operating system of others.  I'm impressed that while they are each a little biased one way or the other, they have conversations that are engaging about it with some good humored nature.

I have to confess that there is some adult language in this podcast.  By no means is it enough to turn me off, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hearing REAL dialog on the leading tech issues of the day while remaining light-hearted.

I'd suggest that you add this to your podcaster by getting the feedburner RSS feed directly to iTunes or gpodder.  Due to recent issues with the fruit named computer company, their podcast has been currently delisted.  But the feed is up and working great.http://www.h4cked.com

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