Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ubuntu New Branding - "Light"

I saw in an interview with Mark Shuttleworth, that Canonical was planning to change the branding of Ubuntu.  The new generation of branding would be called "Light" vs. the now 6 yr old branding of "Human" which brought us the famous brown for which Ubuntu has received much critizism in the past.

I have to say that looking at the shots that are available at the Brand page at the Ubuntu Wiki, I think it looks sleek, professional and clean.  All art will have it's critics, and in our community I think quite a few of them are too vocal when you can change any/all of the artwork that you don't like.  I mean really, Suse fans don't give them this much grief over the chameleon.

Anyway, again I keep coming back to the fact that Canonical is not the project, it's the company.  And honestly, every company on the planet without exception (besides the ones that don't make money) spend time and money on marketing and branding.  They should be no exception.

I would just like to put in my vote of "thumbs up" and best of luck.  I truly think it is much more professional looking and as an advocate, with the product looking this slick, I'll have less selling to do than with the previous "Human" theme.

Chime in, let me know what your thoughts are.  And no matter what anyone tells you, this was not Alan Pope's idea.

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