Monday, May 3, 2010

Dnsmasq for your personal domain and access list needs

With the addition of the dnsmasq server to my LAN (preferably wired) based server, I am able to manage dhcp myself.  To what benefit you may ask, I'm glad you asked.  First is that I can actually set the IP of computers connecting to my network, and group as needed/preferred.  I can also use MAC address to authenticate, so hardware address filtering is not limited by small cheap routing equipment (I discovered a limit of 30 known hardware addresses to put in my wifi router).

So the most minor feature is that when I connect via ssh to my server from the internet back to home, I can use proper hostnames which I know will always resolve to those computers.  No more ssh'ing to one IP after another, just use the name of the computer and if connected will always work.

Simple "sudo apt-get install dnsmasq" and edit the dnsmasq.conf and hosts files.  It is heavy with comments in language which is moderately clear.  There are many guides on the open internet to follow if you have questions.  Turn it on for the safe host name resolution of your internal network.

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