Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Server - Media (tvmobili + subsonic)

As part of my home server project, I've been trying to configure what should be a multimedia server solution.  With PC's, laptops, TV and mobile devices who all connect in the house I was looking for the combinations that would produce the most viewed media on the most devices.

My first attempt was to return to Mythtv.  But after the server took a upgrade to the mythtv package it basically borked the db, and mis-matched with the desktop clients that I couldn't find the correct versions for.

I then tried to look into DLNA compliance a few months back with the introduction of a new TV.  Ushare was simple to configure and it seemed to speak the folder structure to the TV but didn't give the list of files.  I then installed tvmobili which works 100% and serves the files over DLNA to the TV with no issue.

Previous computer solution was Boxee using Samba (windows file sharing) to stream.  This was nice because it would pull all metadata as well as subtitles.   I haven't gotten rid of the Boxee solution, but I will probably look into XMBC for the same purpose without the customization.  XMBC should be a bit more resilient to changes as it is the code base for Boxee.

My newest discovery is Subsonic.  Man, I can't say enough good about this one.  Simple deb package install on my ubuntu server, web interface makes management/configuration completely painless.  It comes with simple and built-in dynamic DNS service.  It does ask for a donation to the project for a license that allows video streaming playback beyond a 30 day trial period.  I will be making that donation.  The web interface offers a flash player playback with adjustable bitrate to support LAN connections or even 3G connections.  Very well developed howto included to help with firewall issues if there and I have to say it's just working.  I've tried the Android client and the performance and results is truly impressive.  Try the demo on your own, see if you think it is work a small donation to the project.

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Anonymous said...

I have used Subsonic for over a year, and I completely agree; I love this piece of software. We use it to stream music and podcasts to our smartphones, it is currently acting as the communal podcatcher in our household.

I have always favored XBMC over Boxee. For some odd reason XBMC runs better on my net-top (Asus EB1501). High-bitrate HD movies would result in frameloss in Boxee, but XBMC wasn't eaven breaking a sweat with >20 Gbps bitrate peaks.

I looked into employing DLNA on the network, until now I have used XBMC's built-in UPnP support for streaming to some devices. But as we have HD-capable tablets coming into our household, I have tried to look into miniDLNA.