Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 020

Episode 20. My audio may sound a little worse than usual,  I may need to find the right filter mix/combo that makes that sound better.  I worry that with my usb headset now producing hum no matter what I plug into that the Android phone may become the closest thing I have to a solid piece of recording gear.  Maybe will all of my google ad sense money ($0.00) I'll buy a fancy usb mixer.   Anyway, It's clean audio, it just finally started picking up the echo I have in my office where I record.  I'll work on the post production to see if I can help that.

This episode's Podcast review was for Democracy Now.  A liberal, but professional news report weekdays for an hour.  Video and audio feeds available.  I personally feel that getting a different view on the same story, or a chance to hear the voices that don't make it to the main stream media is helpful in analyzing a situation.  

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The podcast is also available to play directly online at the Fuzion Podcast Network.

For the instructions to get the show notes please see the instructions as posted in the post from the first episode. These instructions haven't changed.

Feedback as always is welcome, tinfoilhatshow@gmail.com or you can contact me by any of the other methods listed here on this blog. Please remember that the show is very new and still settling in, but constructive criticisms are always appreciated.

Enjoy and please do send me feedback and corrections, it can only make the show better. A permanent link to the show's rss feed is listed on the right side of the blog.

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