Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 022

Episode 22. Moving quickly, but plenty to chat about.  My casts are less rant prone these days as health and family have made it difficult to keep my regular appointments with the microphone.  I hope with the return of school in a month or so that some normalcy will return and I can find one day in which I can do this without conflict.  Sorry for being behind, I'm trying to do better.  Don't take me out of your feeds.  If I ever retire, I will have the decency to drop a good bye show.

New wireless headphones have cleaned up some of my audio.  Less difficult to get a recording that doesn't need a lot of post production work just to sound decent.  This show has quite a few stories in there that I fly over, please do get the shownotes and read the full articles on any story that interests you.  If you are unable to get the shownotes out, please write me at and I'll send you direct url's if you need them.

In this episode I review the Dan Carlin podcasts "Common Sense" and "Hardcore History". Dan has a great mind and presents history in a light and with enthusiasm that few can deliver, the fact that he does so in audio only is enough to make me wish to be a student again, if I could name him my history and political science teacher.

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