Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catching Up since the new Mac.

I have been silent and away for too long. I have officially berated myself for lack of participation. I have a few reasons why, none of them good enough to justify not putting "pen to paper".

The largest time guzzler of my time since my last post has been the introduction of a new mac mini to the house. The first mac in the family, it is getting most of the attention just as if a newborn baby in the house.

As well, at work (here in Italy) half of the staff is on vacation in July and the other half in August. This has created a lot of busy work for me and as a result I am spending as much of my free time completely disconnected if I can.

I'm back on track and will be making more updates now. I've broken out my real pen and paper and am starting to make more notes so there should be some "older" material arriving soon.


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