Friday, May 2, 2008

Boomshuffle got bought by Imeem

I swear, they do these things just to erk me. Since now my previously posted playlists won't play anymore. I didn't even get an email about this. As a subscriber I'm upset boomshuffle didn't tell me and that Imeem didn't just import my account and playlists. *aaarrrggghhhh*....let's everyone put on our clown shoes now.

I'm personally going to boycott and look for some other online streaming service. I think it is ridiculous that they couldn't even manage to send out an email informing of this transfer. So for the record, the previously posted articles with "bored" in the subject are pointing to things that have disappeared forever.

I'm off to find a new streaming music service and I'll blog back here once I have recreated ANOTHER playlist from scratch.

I'm going to have to start keeping track of my "hate" list or official boycotts so that I don't accidentally plug them somewhere.


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