Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gnome-do = Quicksilver light

So I've now given Gnome-do a try.  I've used Quicksilver on my mac for some time and have to say it is one of the first truly creative pieces of software that I've used.  If you don't know about this application there is one similar for windows called Launchy, which like Gnome-do is a very young copy of Quicksilver.   QS is quite mature and has been developed for quite sometime.   Having the advantage of developing for the mostly predictable environment of the Apple ecosystem, QS has an extensive library of plugins which makes it VERY functional.  Gnome-do, which is trying to also be multi-platform has started to create plugins which seem to be the .dll files for a windows filesystem.  It looks quite similar in shape and form to Quicksilver and has most of the key functions that Quicksilver is used for.  I think it holds promise.

To bring someone up to speed, all of the previously mentioned programs were originally designed as application launcher which has had small plugin after small plugin added that has increased it's functionality up to but not limited to controlling iTunes, manipulating text files and auto-attaching files to email templates.  All of these functions and more are just a simple keyboard shortcut away.  For a geek like me who prefers the command line this is just one more chance to not take my hands off the keyboard to reach for the mouse and try to navigate a program menu to find an application which I already know the name of.

Gnome-do, great fun.  Still young, keep your eyes on it as it may make better you life in the future if you install it, learn it and use it.


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