Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple App store - Best news

Well, there was an Apple event and the "Master -o- Disaster" opened that hole under his nose to my own personal delight.

While others rant on about the 2nd usb port on the new Air or the "Jobs Reality Distortion Field"™ I was resting, non-plussed.  Then came my bombshell.

In the next iteration of the Mac OS X operating system they are going to include a lot of IOS4 features including an app store.  Really?!?!?! An app store?!?!?  I think only two things, both I mentally scream at the top of my lungs:  1.) No greater validation of an idea that was birthed in Ubuntu 9.10 (to much ridicule) and 2.) fantastic, they will just give me another avenue to speak to and convert mac-heads.  I can already imagine the pitch line of "An app store, we have had one in Ubuntu for years!" only to see their eyes light up and beg me to install Ubuntu on their old Mac hardware.

Apple, if the best you can do with OS 10.7 is make an app store and copy Ubuntu, BRING IT ON!  I truly used to hold Apple in high regard for their design and user interface features, but this single action has pushed them to the modest position of "even" with Ubuntu and truthfully, a step behind since they had to copy it and there is "prior art".

Long Live Ubuntu.  Thanks Mac.  You are no longer my hero, just my pimp.

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istoff said...

With respect, you're so far off base on this one. The app store is a copy of the iphone / ipad app store using the same model of delivery and developer relationships. It bears more resemblance to the iTunes / iPhone than anything Ubuntu related.

It would be more accurate to say that the various apple app stores are derivative from Cydia, the original Jailbreak repo, which is, in turn, derived from traditional Linux repo's.