Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tin Foil Hat Show - Fan Support

I'd like to make a huge call out to Bernd, a Tin Foil Hat Show listener.  He found the show notes interesting enough and made a plugin for gpodder to get the show notes out.   I want to say a few things on this and they are not in order of priority:

1.) WOW man, that is frackin' cool!  I am way impressed and good on ya!
2.) This is EXACTLY what "open source" and "community" are all about.
3.) I am moved by your engagement with the show and I hope to keep the goodness coming for as long as I have listeners like yourself.

In short, Thanks Bernd!!!  In long, Bernd, you are awesome for coding this tool and more awesome for making it available.  I hope this post makes you rock-star famous.  And how you managed to find the username "Bread" to be free, I'll never know.

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Bernd said...

Nice to read your post and I'm glad you like my work with your show notes ;-)

The main developer of gPodder mentioned a better way for this functionality on the mailing list.

So I implemented this other option and I think this is the better way.
Both scripts are available on github now. I also wrote some readme docs to explain the options a little bit. Hope it's understandable ;-)

Also I created a patch for gPodder itself to include the script in the /doc/dev/example section.

Bernd said...

you can find the github repository which included the gPodder hook script here: