Monday, January 17, 2011

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 006

Episode 6. I feel this one was strong and I tried to use some of my "big words" when feeling like swearing.   I do think this one was a slightly stronger showing than my last one.  I really am sorry this one was late out, with business travel, holidays and small crisis at home I got delayed a lot more than I had intended.

First podcast review appears in this episode.  I reviewed my partners in crime at The Fuzion Podcast network, that is the boys from Alt3red Egos and their comic book podcast, listen to the show to know what I had to say about them.

The new episode should be in your favorite podcatcher for download by the time you read this. If you haven't added me to your podcatcher software, please add the RSS feed on the right.

The podcast is also available to play directly online at the Fuzion Podcast Network.

For the instructions to get the show notes please see the instructions as posted in the post for the first episode. These instructions haven't changed.

Feedback as always is welcome, or you can contact me by any of the other methods listed here on this blog. Please remember that the show is very new and still settling in, but constructive criticisms are always appreciated.

Enjoy and please do send me feedback and corrections, it can only make the show better. A permanent link to the show's rss feed is listed on the right side of the blog.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to throw this out there: In Gpodder I often look at show notes first, to see if I even want to download a specific episode of a given subscription. I have many subscriptions and don't have time to listen to every episode of every subscription.

(Ironically I just learned of your podcast from another recent podcast that recorded a half hour or so of preshow activities before actually getting on with the podcast ... grrrr .....)

I think it is totally cool that you can hide a text file inside an image. However, now that I've seen that and had the novelty moment, the usability issue comes to the forefront for me.

I'm not sure what the intent is by handling the show notes this way, I don't have any illusions that I am playing any spy games here :-)

So I just hoped you may consider the impact your design decision may have on the way some users use podcasts, if there is no grand purpose with the embedded file beyond coolness.

CafeNinja said...

Thanks for your feedback, I know that sound cliche', but it is valuable to me.

I'd just like to answer a few points.

1.) There is a post earlier in my blog where a listener, like yourself created a plugin for gpodder to extract the show notes and add to the gpodder metadata for the episode. It is hosted on github and is open source.

2.) I feel it's important to keep up the practice that I said I would do. This is not something I did on a trial basis and is a part of my podcast. Hacker type of thinking is something I hope to kindle and inspire in both new listeners to the podcast as well as the veterans.

3.) My format will rarely, if ever change. I will not have 2 hours of filler before the show, and if I have an interview it will be clearly labeled in the show title. So the shownotes will never be an indication of show format since that won't ever change.

I do hope you continue to listen to the show and I hope that you find the article with the gpodder plugin so that you won't be frustrated anymore.