Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Appearance on The Linux Link Tech Show

Hey CafeNinja fans.  Ok, fan.  In November of 2010 I was a guest host on TLLTS Podcast.  Recently I was also a guest and was interviewed on the show.  It ran so long that it got dropped into the TLLTS feed as a single episode.

Feel free to go listen and I would highly recommend you listen to the show and add it to your podcast feed if you haven't already.  They guys there are a lot of fun to listen to, but don't expect them to stay on topic, if you do, you will be disappointed.  If you liked the interview with me be sure to send

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Basshead said...

Listerned to the show on Tuesday on the way to work. Good stuff and will have to check out your tin foil hat shows as I'm sure I'll learn something.