Monday, March 14, 2011

Indiana Linux Fest :: 25-27 March


So it turns out that I know someone who is very involved in the organization of the Indiana Linux Fest and he asked me to let the community at large know.

This is their first year and while there is no way for me to cross the Atlantic to be there, this looks like one of the best organized inagural year linux fests I've ever seen.  Doubt me, read on...still doubt then visit the site for the Indiana Linux Fest and then ... Believe!

I'm going to post their promotional material here.  Please do try to attend if you are in the area, not only for awareness, not only for the cool speaker tracts they have planned but also just to show support.  Remember, the more of us who show up at these the more likely things get kicked off for another one next year or more get scheduled and planned support the community by just showing up, being counted and having your voice and presence mean something.

Here are the words from our friends at ILF, make sure you read the notes on the Prizes, yep..Prizes.

 Indiana Linuxfest is proud to announce our first annual Linuxfest on March 25th to March 27th in 2011. This event will be a conference put on by The Indiana F/oss Society.

Indiana LinuxFest is about community, information, and friends. We strive to bring the F/OSS Community together for more than just
information gathering, we want a place for people to network, communicate, and have a good time.

We want to give you and other members of the community a Linuxfest worth writing home about. The events being planned include community driven talks given by other great people in the Free Linux Open Source Software (FLOSS) community. A Professional Day where we will have talks geared more towards professionals in the Linux and Open Source world, a Hackerspace Village which will focus on all kinds of hacking, from lockpicking to various forms of hardware hacking as well as arduino hacking and a LPI Exam Cram class. This will be a first for any Linuxfest to feature something like the Hackerspace Village.. We will also feature Linux Professional Institute testing and a Drupal camp. At Indiana Linuxfest you will be sure to come away with new found knowledge, new friends, and a few good stories to tell.
A special promotion for all Supporter and LPI Exam Cram passes.  Every 50th registered pass will recieve either a Nook Color or a Archos 70.

We are still looking for sponsors. If you or your company would like to sponsor our event just head over to our website and fill out the sponsorship form, it's that easy! Not only will you be helping us out but you will gain more exposure, come for the benefits, stay for the good times!

There you go!   I can't get there.  I'd appreciate it if you get there, let Lord_D know that CafeNinja kept his word.

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