Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home Server deployment - Part 1

So I got a home server (nettop system dual core atom).  I'm migrating my current server applications from the wife's desktop (always on) system to the new low power consumption system.

Here is what I ordered:
Shuttle XS35GT Barebones Nettop (No OS) (1.66GHz, 2GB, 500GB, No Monitor)

So I have already migrated dnsmasq (copy config and hosts files), ddclient to update the "way home", nzb grabber and samba which is the method I've gone to since my mythtv setup went bonkers in my 10.10 upgrade.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server to ensure stability.  I'm hoping it should prevent issues with stability.

I've got on the list to re-deploy mythtv, asterisk, openarena-server, a LAMP stack with some CMS system that will let the wife have/manage a website, statusnet and if possible I'll try to set up a server to receive the mozilla sync or xmarks in such a way that my "personal cloud" should be close.

I'm making a conscious choice to not migrate email as that system needs to be higher availability and accessibility than my home dsl and system can manage.

I'll try to chronicle my tales here.  So far it's been pretty easy to migrate servers by installing the server and then moving the configuration file.  The biggest issue so far has been me who forgets network orientation (one IP vs. another) or file permissions.  Outside of that, it's been pretty easy.

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