Monday, April 4, 2011

Podcast Review Promo material

I'm a bad podcaster, but I have proven that I am a worse producer.

Here is all the promo material that was sent to me after I requested it.  To the defense and credit of these podcasters they were replying to my message that I was ususally sending as recording or just before and none of them really had time to get back to me before post-production was done.

But I did want everyone to hear the promo material that I didn't have for podcasts that I have reviewed that WAS sent to me.

So first for Keith and the Girl, Chema (the glorious) sent me the link to their promo video.

Dann from The Linux Link Tech Show, who I caught on vacation with my request for promo material, sent me the intro music for the show as well as the newest and greatest audio promo for their podcast.

Again, my apologies to the the other podcasters out there that I have "snubbed" by not getting their promo material before I released my podcast, I will confess without exception, that this was always my fault and not theirs.

Enjoy these promo reels and I'll try to give the next "victim" advance notice.  :)

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