Monday, May 30, 2011

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 012

Episode 12. In this episode there were updates on a few bits of legislation that are going through and I get on my soapbox a little bit more than usual.  I gave a quick update on the Personal Cloud project and remind everyone to double check any extensions as new flavors of Firefox are coming up and just around the corner.

This episode's Podcast review was The Kernel Panic Oggcast.  I also talk about oggcasts as well as ways to play them.

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Anonymous said...

Syncany really seems like a promising project. Donated some funds to the project and hope they go through with the project. We are in need of a open-source, service-independent system like this. The ability to use whatever means of online storage capability you have, and possibly several at once, completely dwarfs any other online-sync-service with usually a 1 or 2 GB free storage service.

Arif Zulhilmi Bin Abd Rahman said...

It is a very good project though.

dankles said...

This is certainly the most interesting Security podcast that i've listened to!

Keep up the good work! You have a great voice for podcasting.