Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 011

Episode 11. In this episode a visit to a few of the places online which have electively or by security failure offered up your personal and private information.  A quick mention on how things are different in the attitudes over the generations and a few topics of recent notoriety.

This episode's Podcast review was donated to the SouthEast Linux Festival where I give a quick run-down and play their amusing promo.

The new episode should be in your favorite podcatcher for download already. If you haven't added me to your podcatcher software, please add the RSS feed on the right.

The podcast is also available to play directly online at the Fuzion Podcast Network.

For the instructions to get the show notes please see the instructions as posted in the post for the first episode. These instructions haven't changed.

Feedback as always is welcome, or you can contact me by any of the other methods listed here on this blog. Please remember that the show is very new and still settling in, but constructive criticisms are always appreciated.

Enjoy and please do send me feedback and corrections, it can only make the show better. A permanent link to the show's rss feed is listed on the right side of the blog.

UPDATE: after file corruption reported by user, the uploaded file to the feed has been replaced.  You may need to delete the file you have and download it again.  I have confirmed that the Episode 11 file currently in the Tin Foil Hat feed is valid and not corrupted.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the show notes. The image file in the mp3 is OTHER.jpeg rather than the usual FRONT_COVER.jpeg. No problem there save that steghide isn't showing any embedded file in OTHER.jpeg accessible with the usual passphrase.

Great show as always, thanks.

CafeNinja said...

Thanks for reporting the problem...seems the file for upload by the provider was corrupted, I've shipped them the new file and I'll post again once I have confirmation that it's been reuploaded.


Anonymous said...

The mp3 once again contains the familiar FRONT_COVER.jpeg file and the show notes are available via the usual steghide method.