Friday, March 21, 2008

Eee Pc practical use

Since I was taking a few days off leading up to Easter this year, my Wednesday served as my Friday. While banging away to get some things done in the office for my long weekend, I got a Skype call.

A Skype call in and of itself is quite unremarkable since most of my family and work associates use it. And, I could see from the notification area of my external monitor attached to my Eee Pc in the office, that this one was from my wife. Mentally I prepared myself for a short shopping list or something else of the kind.

Imagine my surprise when behind my wife I could see trees....trees!!! What's wrong with this picture? Well, since my wife's PC, from which she does most of her Skype calls is in my living room, I didn't see the normal surroundings of my home. In fact, she had stopped by a cafe in order to get a hot chocolate for herself and our two boys after an afternoon visit to the park.

This pleasant surprise was sponsored by Asus and the 8Gig Eee Pc I purchased for my wife. Being that it was small and light enough to put in her purse, when she arrived at the table with the kids, she was able to find a hot-spot. Then as if in our living room, fired up Skype and rang me. With the newest version installed, she was able to show and see video from me on my Eee Pc in the office about 30 km away.

I have to say, that if this doesn't even happen again, this one time has made the perfect point that this device is for all persons who have a computer involved in their lives and truly put a smile on my face for such a small thing. I'm sure there will be more surprises like this in our future.


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