Saturday, March 15, 2008

Printing Coolness

I'd like to share an application from the Ubuntu/Debian repositories that is "old-school" and usually overlooked. The command line application a2ps has saved at least 3 trees in my office. Without the need to adjust for printing settings for the one-off printing. It also can create a postscript file that I can preview or even use ps2pdf (part of the Ghostscript family) to create a pdf for anyone on a different operating system.

To get these applications on Ubuntu just use:

sudo apt-get install a2ps ps2pdf

These are command line applications and they both have exentive options. Please read the man page for all the details.

a2ps todo.wkYY.txt <- prints straight
a2ps todo.wkYY.txt <- creates .ps
ps2pdf todo.wkYY.pdf <- converts ps into pdf

I use this method for my text file that I use for my todo list. It's a personalized version of So, think before you a tree. And if you do print, double down and kill only half of one.


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Anonymous said...

Did you know, you can take two postcripts and add them together. It's just as easy as >> (in this order puts page 2 at the bottom of page one. With this combo and the standard "print to file" you can custom create any document or then pdf to print or study.