Monday, March 24, 2008

If the candidates were operating systems....

I usually don't get political, here or anywhere else for that matter. Having been prior service military, American and abroad is usually a good reason to keep ones opinions to oneself. I was thinking the other day that none of the current candidates from either side inspire me much.

Let's touch on that word for a moment, inspire. I mean really, since Regan (for good or bad depending on your opinion) I've not seen in my lifetime people elect the highest seat in the land to a person who sparked passion, motivation or leadership since then. I know, when being beaten down with propaganda from all sides, it's difficult to be either objective or impartial. But in my honest opinion, NONE of the candidates make me jump off my couch and shout "Yes!" at the top of my lungs.

Now, probably because I'm one of the largest geeks on the planet, I thought about it compared to operating systems. I work with the big 3 (Windows, Mac and Linux) and have a lot of in-depth knowledge of all of them. And of the 3, the only one that gives me that kind of inspiration, is Linux. With Linux, I know that anything is possible, maybe done poorly at first, but version 2 just around the corner with the community making it better constantly.

As for the politics, I would ask all Americans to ignore platforms, campaign speeches and these guys saying the words you want to hear just to get your vote today, only to not deliver on any promise once they are in the white house. Look at them as people, and ask yourself, which one would you wake up in 2009 and think, ", I am SOOO glad that I voted for this one!". Because if even in your wildest dreams you can't envision that, you ARE voting for the wrong person for the wrong reasons. Leadership doesn't come in a speach prepared by a harvard comes from the person. And NONE of the candidates from either side today, have earned my respect AND inspired my passion.

As for the geek, I've used all kinds of software for all of the big 3 and I always keep running back to Linux...usually screaming. So, I'll be the first one to vote for Linux when he runs for president, and he should choose Ficus as his vice-president...that's a win/win ticket.

Linux/Ficus 2012!!!!!


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