Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tin Foil Hat Show - Episode 008

Episode 8.  My first "Tech Talk" episode where I will dive into the Trucrypt software.  I do hope that someone out there might actually discover that privacy on a personal computer does still exist and can be accomplished wihtout needing to be an elite hacker or a programmer.  I would be remiss if I didn't confess that I hope to hear feedback on this episode to see how people besides myself use the software in their day-to-day and keep their personal private data secure and way from prying eyes.

Third instalment of the podcast review segment appears in this episode.  I reviewed No Agenda and their political podcast which has it's own unique "tin foil hat" qualities too.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Truecrypt/Dropbox combo.

I never tried it because of dropbox' autoupdate-feature, I feared that the volume would get nerfed. I used to sftp the volume to my homeserver each time I changed something at work, gone are those days.

Great podcast!

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Cyberspeak-Show's 16 Jan. 2011 podcast about prefetch files and it reminded me of this podcast...a quick warning about hidden encrypted files and Windows prefetch files based on Cyberspeak's podcast. If you open a file from a truecrypt hidden encrypted area, the Windows prefetch file lists the direct path to the file still, so the hidden encrypted area is compromised. I don't know that this has been addressed just yet.