Sunday, October 11, 2009

Karmic testing - Easier PPA additional and install

So I read on the Ubuntu Geek blog, that in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic there is a new command for adding a ppa repo that will update the sources.list and import the gpg key.  So, clever me, thought of a way to make a few nice aliases and run this all together.  Let me demonstrate

1.) add the repo.  
sudo add-apt-repository
2.) update the repos
sudo apt-get -qq update
3.) install the application
sudo apt-get install

So I made aliases for those three.
alias repo='sudo apt-get-repository'
alias update='sudo apt-get -qq update'
alias ins='sudo apt-get install'

And using a different example from Ubuntu Geek, the command I give looks like:
"repo ppa:jonabeck && update && ins ifuse"

This single, short command will update the sources.list, update the repos and install the ifuse package with only the normal prompts if they apply.  Please see the manpage for each of these commands as well as alias in the case that you want to learn more about each.

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