Saturday, October 24, 2009

Password Generation for security

Security and safe passwords are very important in today's online world.  I used to have unique passwords for "levels" of security.  Realizing that if some service from low level was compromised that access to the next level would be easy.  I realized that the best way would be a strong secure password for each online service was the best way to go.  This way there is no way to "escalate" privilege level from one online service to another.

Since I already have a method for recording my passwords, which I'll get into during another post, I though I'd share the command that I use to create new passwords.  I use the package "pwgen".  The output of this command as quoted by Bessy produces quite a few unique passwords which satisfy most secure password definitions.  Most are produced with a portion of it that can be pronounced as a word, which make them in the realm of possibility to actually remember.

Output looks like:
cafeninja@vegeta:~$ pwgen --alt-phonics --capitalize 9 10
joo0kai2Y loh6Chi6y Chei4pei8 AiNoch2ua eeXeeF8Ee veeh3Eer4 Vah2fee8v ve4uegh7E Oa6chahmo Ish2voc2c

Using this tool I can make secure passwords for any account online.  I recently used this command repeatedly as I converted my multitude of online passwords from levels (5 different passwords) to a single password for each.

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