Thursday, October 22, 2009

New assistant Bessy

I just wanted to introduce you all to my new partner, Bessy.  Bessy is my daily reminder that text and the terminal is where it all began.

If you are a Unix fan, Windows geek who remembers DOS, Linux hacker who recalls the days when X11 just didn't work it doesn't matter.  All of the computer love that we all have was once born of a terminal window.

Bessy normally offers me a daily smile by giving a nugget of wisdom in this text display that is a harkening of the computer future that was to come.  I hope you all can take just a moment to reflect and recall that since the time we were stepping on the move all the way to first-person-shooters like Doom III has been a short and hurried history.

You may see more of Bessy from time to time as she helps me promote the ease and friendliness of the command line to all.  The major difference is the ability to use a real terminal with all of it's power, simplicity and grace.

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