Saturday, February 27, 2010

AdBard - FOSS advertising

I read Thomas Gideon's blog post about advertising using a FOSS based advertiser.  I was as usual impressed on a personal and moral level with TheCommandLine's choices and one who truly supports, through actions and works, his support of digital liberties and Open Source.

So, as mimicry is the best form of flattery, I applied with AdBard to apply their adverts for FOSS companies using FOSS software on my blog too.  As Thomas points out in his blog post, they are even "endorsed" by the FSF which is the closest thing to a "golden seal" as there is by my measure.

The process includes a human review of your site to ensure that your content aligns with the views of AdBard.  They have a different payment model for the ads, than the popular AdSense from Google, and approval process for those companies as well.  They have a very hands-on approach to both the ads going out and where the ads are seen, which I feel is good since it means there will be relative ads where the relevant content is.  Feel free to show your support for Adbard by applying to display ads on your site, and if you don't have a site, click the advert from them you see on the right of this blog just to show your support for the whole idea.

I'll be leaving the AdSense on my blog as well, in the hopes that one day they might show pertinenant links.  As a quick disclaimer at the time of this writing I have not been paid by any advertiser as a result of having this blog.  But I felt that this was a step in the right direction and with motivation I could get behind.

Kudo's and much respect as always to Thomas Gideon who's podcast I've reviewed.  I am always impressed with the maturity, insightfullness, leadership and critical thinking that goes into his productions both on his blog and in his podcast (yes, I'm a fan).

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