Friday, February 12, 2010

Friend of the Show -

I'd like to promote a friend who I have come to know via IRC and named Jonathan Nadeau (a.k.a. frostbite).  I first heard of Jonathan on HPR radio being interviewed by Klaatu.  Jonathan is visually impaired.  Jonathan does however run a computer store.  He has with renewed conviction started to sell computer systems preloaded with Linux (multiple distros) pre-configured and installed for visually impaired computer users.

I have tremendous respect for Jonathan, who has not only overcome his handicap in a area of expertise where vision is a seemingly obligatory sense, but he has also gone out of his way to try alternatives to the expensive proprietary systems which are marketed to people with the same special needs.  Jonathan seems to have done away with thousands of dollars of software from companies who's only customers are handicapped and discovered free software which is comparable.

Jonathan has recently turned up his new site for selling computer systems which is Frostbite Systems and has been quite active on it's companion blog which he calls the Frostblog.  He is quite the vocal open source advocate and should be an inspiration within our community.  I would strongly encourage in the same way as a company like System76 to support Jonathan and the open source community by buying your next linux original install system from him if possible.  I would say that even if he weren't blind but to advertize for any company that has the nuts to install linux and support it.

Your doing great work Jonathan keep it up.  You are, at the very least an inspiration to me and I am not handicapped.  You are the picture in the dictionary next to "handicapable".

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