Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jared Bernard - CLI user

 I heard on HPR episode a short talk given by Jared Bernard at the Utah Open source conference on his use of the command line.  I had absolutely no disagreement with what he said and was amazingly impressed with his list of command line application alternatives.

Really, this blog post is to promote Jared's site.  I think it's a great resource and found it educational if for nothing other than the list of CLI Applications.

If you would like to hear what he had to see please listen to HPR Eps 0518 "Live without a GUI" and visit his site.

Honestly, with the long list of applications he has listed there, I might be busy for quite a while reviewing the applications he has on the list.  Thanks Jared, and keep up the great work.

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Jared said...

Thanks, for your kind words. I'm glad others find use for my list of CLI apps. -Jared

CafeNinja said...

My pleasure. If I manage to happen upon something not in the list, I'll be sure to email you. :)