Monday, September 20, 2010

App Review (Update) : tty-clock - working on Ubuntu

Previously I mentioned an app called tty-clock.  I really do like it, but on Ubuntu it didn't quite compile nice so I thought I would give the quick "howto" get it working.

1.) Grab source code and unpack
2.) install the dependencies with "sudo apt-get install ncurses-dev ncurses-runtime ncurses-term"
3**.) Optional--Open the Makefile in the source code folder and change the $INSTALLPATH=/usr/bin/
4.) Terminal in the source code directory and do "make" (should have no errors) and then "sudo make install".

After that the tty-clock should be accessible.   For your information I use the flags to display seconds, center the time and set the color to blue.   Looks like "tty-clock -s -c -C 6" and I hope that might help you get it working on your Ubuntu system.   I've added a screen grab of my clock so you can see what the command does output.

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