Saturday, September 11, 2010

Command Line Time - tty-clock

I was playing around with Arch Linux (another blog post soon to follow) and I found a neat little cli application.  I should say "cute" instead of neat.  I should also put this application find in the context in which I use it.

The find is tty-clock, it is a simple digital clock with only a few options.  In my daily pattern I have terminator open with multiple screen sessions to multiple servers.  In each of the screen sessions I'm using the byobu (formerly known as screen-profiles) to give myself a "taskbar" for the screen sessions.  This app, is then just one horizontal and vertical split in a screen filled with terminator with many tabs and splits already.  and it just means that without squinting, I can actually see the time.

This is what tty-clock looks like in action.  With just large Atari 2600 generation 8-bit color and date display centered in the open terminator split it is simply understated and serves it's purpose.  ->

I did also find which is an executable script and while it serves the same purpose is the binary clock version.  After downloading, just set the python script to executable and put it in your path (/usr/bin/ or so) and run it. So yet one more split with even more time telling fun.

I do want to give all the credit to the links I found these gems at, I was for the most part cruising and looking for Arch Linux stuff and I came across this stuff.  So I found these apps by looking through K.Mandla’s blog, and Yu-Jie Lin's feedburner got me some other stuff.  Seems they are cli junkies like me.

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