Sunday, September 19, 2010

Podcast: Guest appearance on Kernel Panic Oggcast eps. 14

I have been honored this last weekend to participate on the Kernel Panic Oggcast Episode 14.  This podcast is one of the forked oggcasts from the former Linux Cranks Oggcast which I have reviewed previously.  On the panel were Azimuth, threethirty, jlindsay, Dann, and the notorious Peter64.

The new Kernel Panic Oggcast keeps in a very similar vein as the old Linux Cranks Podcast by topics and discussions.  It has been and still remains safe for work.  I have to say that I have quite a bit of respect for everyone who was on the panel and I had a great time.

With most topics on the news and issues of the day there is good friendly banter with the nice mix of inter-cultural vocabulary and references to things being upside down in Australia.  All taken in good fun it is always a relaxing conversation with this crew and on more than one occasion they have caused me to open a browser and download and try some new software package.

The panel was in good form, we had some great discussions on there and I really do hope to visit with the guys again in the future, even though it meant I had to be up at 04:00 on a Sunday morning.  Tune in and listen for the hint of things to come. 

Listen, enjoy, tell me what you thought of the show or the podcast overall.

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