Sunday, March 22, 2009

American's need to grow up, really.

America, grow up.  Last week, President Obama was on the Late Show with Jay Leno.  In an article at they covered the statement that the President made about himself in regards to the Special Olympics.  There seemed to be such an outcry that the President needed to make an official apology and even call the Director of the Special Olympics directly.

I really am disappointed that now in the 21st century the President who in a moment of honesty and humility is condemned for making a reference that any one of us would have made at the water cooler, speaking with our friends.  Anyone who is not the parent or participant of the Special Olympics would make the same comment without a second thought and not fear being stoned for having said it.

Are we as a nation so hypersensitive that casual conversation is potentially a huge political offense?  If we berate the President for having said something in a human moment, you must expect the reaction...that he will not do that anymore.  I don't think, that even the parent of a handicapped child, could in good concience think for one moment that what the President said was in any way an attack on the Special Olympics.  He was being critical of himself in the comment if you pay attention.  I just wish that we would pay attention to the value of that candid moment of our nation's leader and take away from it, that he is human, and humble. 

If you wish the reward of a President who will no longer share with you the side of himself that you would most like to know about, please, just bite his head off one more time for something so trivial as a comment that normally would not be given a second thought.

Just grow up. 


P.S. Sorry for the political comment post.  When I saw this, it made me want to vomit, and I had to say my two cents worth.

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