Friday, March 27, 2009

Geek love for podcasts

I've decided to share some of my geek media love. I don't see this come up as a regular topic on many of the blogs that I follow, so I thought I'd take a few moments to share. I plan on posting during the coming week on the podcasts that I follow. I'll be adding for the first time labels with "podcast" so that they might be easy to sort and look at.

In preparation I wanted to share that I use a freedom-hating iPhone for my podcast player. I have mac where I manage all of my podcasts as well. I don't plan on going into the millions of ways someone can receive their favorite podcasts, or the devices on which they may listen to them. I might cover that at the end of my podcast review series.

You will see the podcast reviews come in bursts. Some of them I'm very passionate about so they may be reviewed singularly, while others might be written together in a little cluster. I'm not going to force myself to a review template but felt like anyone who might be following this blog might be currious to know "Why does CafeNinja always walk around with his earbuds in?". Of this sin, I am completely guilty. I'll be sure to include links to the home pages of each of the podcasts I review so that if it sounds interesting it wont' be difficult for you to find.

I do want to say now that I could honestly find enough video and audio content to completely fill every waking moment that I have. I try to keep it at a modest volume so that I might sneak in the occasional audiobook since my lifestyle doesn't allow much time to sit down and read uninterupted.

I highly recommend anyone who reads this to look into the content available via podcasts. There is a wide range of content subjects out there to be had. I'll be the first to say that for some the quality of the recording environment may be a bit low, almost all of them are people who are passionate about what they are talking about. Find your topic, play the field and just when you think you have the right amount of content on the right subjects, make sure you check back for anything new or curious so you don't miss out.

Podcasts can range from the commercial driven to the basement personal project, from being recorded in a proper studio to being recorded in the car. If you have never heard of podcasts or you have refused to even look since you don't own an iPod, I would suggest that you are denying yourself an amazing amount of content that is widely available and in most situations quite easy to obtain and play back without any special equipment. If you are able to read this blog, in fact, you already have at your disposal the tools needed to properly enjoy a podcast.

I hope you enjoy this next series of posts and that it might brighten, enlighten or even inspire someone to try something new. If you can't tell yet, I really dig on podcasts. Keep coming back to find out which ones are my personal favorites.