Sunday, March 29, 2009

Podcast Review: This Week in Tech (TWiT)

This Week in Tech is the flagship podcast of Leo Laporte's personal little network of podcast shows. Leo Laporte, love him or hate him, must be admired for the sheer volume of content that he generates every week. This show is usually from 1 to 1 1/2 hours long. They do a week in review at the title implies. The show is recorded on Sundays and only the once a week.

Leo is very charismatic and usually has a panel of guests which are fairly regular and always interesting. Due to the nature of the show if there are not a lot of glaring topics, the panel usually has enough activity of their own to follow any tangent and fill the time with still entertaining banter. Leo has had recent unfavorable critiques about the frequency with which Twitter is mentioned on his shows. I feel however, that it is much more the fact that Twitter is becoming more relevant in the way tech circles communicate and is being voiced fairly in respect to the real world on his shows.

Leo has finally made it prime-time with some serious sponsors. I feel based on the transparent conversations he has had with his audience about sponsorship that he has worked very hard to gain sponsors that don't compromise his commentary or might in any way affect the reporting on technology that is his mainstay. Most of these ads are worked into the conversation of the show. If I had any negative comments to say about the addition of the ads is that sometimes, due to the confidence in the products, they run a little long.

The TWiT Network has a whole host of other podcast available which are on much more narrow technology topics which I won't go into on this post since a great deal of them are going to be in my podcast reviews later. But please, feel free based on these links to check out is offerings and compare notes with what I have to say about them.


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