Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 release - countdown

Truth be told, I downloaded the Alpha 6 version of 9.04 a few weeks ago and installed it on 2 laptops and one desktop. For me it was a simple update to get the beta version which is now available. I have to say that this is the cleanest version of Ubuntu I've seen so far and if for no other reason that some more serious themes being installed that are quite clean and crisp.

I have been of the opinion for some time that Linux was ready for the prime time desktop since so much (if not all) of the functionality has been in Ubuntu for year. I personally felt that a lot was in the presentation. That Ubuntu was fighting an uphill battle against Apple's "spit-and-polish" approach and Windows legacy stronghold on the desktop space.

I have to say with the 2 clicks needed after the default install to a different theme and I was hooked more than ever. The Dust Sand theme is quite impressive. Again, offering if even the appearance of something better. Windows is evidence that you can make things look ok and not work at all, and that won't affect acceptance.

I've added the badge from Ubuntu on my blog in support. If you aren't using linux at all, I highly recommend getting Ubuntu 9.04 beta + a 1Gig USB stick + Unetbootin = very responsive trial of the operating system without forcing an install or loosing any data.

Geek on!


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