Sunday, March 8, 2009

New command line fu

Ok,  I've been a command line junkie for a little while.  I just got a recent injection of new toys for my command line experience.  Some are new, some are old but recently discovered and some are just plain fun.  Let me show you how I've done a little mix-and-match session and had a grand old time with things. 

So, let's just give the list of tools and the links to where I learned of them (in order to give props).  The first would be screen, then this screen profile thing I heard about on Lottalinuxlinks podcast.  Simply put screen is a simulated tab browsing experience over a single ssh session.  Then I add to the mix terminator, this program I met during the last year and honestly don't remember where I heard about this one first.  Then the Ubuntu super package bsd-games.  This is quite a bit older, but now with the screen experience I don't feel like I'm wasting my single good session to have a moment of bliss.

Implementation of these tools offer some really cool results.  Today, my normal startup consists of opening terminator, splitting it vertically.  Since mutt+mailcap over an "ssh -X host" will launch a supporting graphical viewer application exporting the X session over the ssh tunnel, I use one of the splits dedicated for my mail (it also is visible for new incoming mail that way).  Then I use the other vertical split to connect to the same server where I have a screen session always running. That screen session has my persistent irc connection, a shell with my ssh key loaded by adding the commands "ssh-agent $SHELL" followed by "ssh-add" so that my ssh-key pass is cached for the session.  Now I have a few extra screen "windows" sitting at a bash prompt ready for any file management, text file edits/writes or general purpose.

Here is a screenshot of what my primary workspace looks like when I'm doing my command line fu:

The trick to all of these tools isn't that they are there, or there is THE way for them to work together, it has been and always will be more important how you put them together to make them work the best for you.  By the way, you can tell your a command line junkie when it's easier for you to teach a windows user to use mutt than it is to figure out the setting in Thunderbird to deactivate an email account without deleting it.  Man, I've been migrating this way for so long now that even the general windows support questions are becoming a challenge for me just because I don't use them often enough myself.

Geek on!



wintellect said...

You mentioned games - so I'm just gonna assume you play nethack like the rest of us - right?


Seriously, you do, right?!?

CafeNinja said...

Yes. I did play nethack. Now I like things that I can drop and walk away from easier. So presently, boggle is keeping my attention. But yes, nethack has a special place in my heart and deserves all props.

wintellect said...

Drop and walk away? Nothing easier than hitting 'S' in a game of nethack and returning back to it at a later time ;)

Hmmm, I'll have to look into "boggle"