Monday, April 27, 2009

Podcast Review: Category5 TV

Unique video podcast which is a very good example of the sense of community that the open source and Linux community enjoy. The host Robbie Ferguson and co-host Carrie Webb are trying to bring a live call in show format to the web. The nice thing is that even though most of the tools that are used by Robbie are Linux or Open Source he does a good job also answering tech questions and responding to support questions for Windows.

I find that the Category5 show has that great sense of community where the chat room participants are as much as part of the show and a resource for the hosts as the hosts themselves. Robbie also does a good job of shooting to support the "Average User" who is the one who may not have high minded political ideas about the software used, but just wants it to work.

Carrie, while not so technically minded does a wonderful job of helping Robbie monitor the chat room for feedback and in reflecting on his descriptions of solutions. That is to say when Robbie has explained something for the "Expert User" that Carrie does a good job of asking the follow up questions. The interaction between the two hosts is supportive and pleasant while never distracting from the material of the show itself. The more impressive bit is when Robbie "flies solo" and doesn't have Carrie there to help him stay on top, that Robbie does a good job with multitasking. With only the bare minimum of pauses or chat feedback missed Robbie can hold his own solo, but I confess I prefer when Carrie is with him.

This hour long video podcast is viewable online while offering direct access to the chat room, if you are not sure what software you might need to participate, the website has everything built-in when you get there. The Category5 team have made participation easy if you can be there when the show is on. I would recommend this show to users of all levels so that the more experienced can help and give back to the community and the technology newcomers can gain valuable knowledge.


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AJamison said...

Great review however Carrie has left the show but that is the only thing i see wrong with it.

Robbie is trying to be more funny and bring humor to the show which is something Carrie brought out in him when he gets a new co-host the snappy banter will hopefully be there again