Friday, April 10, 2009

Podcast Review: Linux Outlaws

Awesome Linux show with an international flavor. Here we have Fab from Bonn and Dan from Liverpool. These guys mention all of the recent distro's, mention all of the latest and greatest applications upgrades and new stars. For an hour each week Fab and Dan dive into the weekly tech news with a VERY linux centric view of the world. I have to say that they have their opinions and share them with vigor.

Although outspoken, they are not hipocrytes. When they are just as guilty of using freedom hating software or hardware they will share that also. This honest view of the world from the linux geek's eyes is refreshing. They do have interviews of guests from time to time and they are one of the longest running podcasts dedicated to the Linux community.

I have had the pleasure of working in Germany before and I have to say that now that I'm in Italy it's refreshing to listen to Fab go on. With his simple declarations of "Fail" and "Crap" have become the halmarks of the podcast. I do sometimes miss having that voice that is irreverant and not concerned with how his opinion is received. Fab and Dan through caution to the wind and just say what they feel they need to say while making any policially correct changes to it only after it is out there.

There is profanity used from time to time. But I would say that it is not excessive and is a fair representation of what would be heard in the real world or workspace. Although I might be a bit more forward thinking than most, I am comfortable letting my childeren hear this podcast. I'm sure their little ears have heard much worse fall from my own mouth, so I would not be so judgemental of a podcast of a couble of guys telling it how they really feel.

This podcast is a linux geek "must" to their podcasting diet. It is not a show that is technically too far beyond the newcomer to linux. But a newcomer might find some of the names and jargon used a little daunting first time out. I would tell the newcomer to listen to this podcast and try to keep up and google the things he wasn't sure about. As a nice little treat, the guys add music to the end of their podcast which is normally quite enjoyable.


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