Monday, April 13, 2009

Podcast Review: Fresh Ubuntu

Fresh Ubuntu is a podcast that is primarily the adventures of Harlem as he explores the Open Source world via the Ubuntu experience. Joining him is Peter, who adds to the conversation and brings with him normally a segment called the "Man Page Minute". This almost weekly, 40 min to an hour long adventure is the linux experience from the point of view of the newcomer (or at least closer to it). Harlem, who started his adventure only a few years ago shares what is his perspective on the linux experience.

This show for me is enlightening in that I haven't been a newcomer to linux for some 10 years, and things have changed quite a bit. I know that supporters would say that no one has the time of it that we had back then. But it's important to hear what little bits still need to be done. While also sharing the current tech news as it pertains to linux and major distribution releases these two carry what is usually a fun show without the heavyness of very technical details.

I would strongly recommend this podcast to the linux newcomer for it's information and vocabulary. I would sagely suggest this for the linux expert so that you can appreciate what a newcomer might be faced with today and understand what a new users needs might be today. Also, both Harlem and Peter are very resonsive to feedback and appreciate all they receive. These are just a couple of good guys who are trying to talk about the unpopular subjec of linux.

With no major sponsorship, these guys are on the up and up, so there is no fear that their views have been compromised to the all mighty dollar. The podcast has gone through it's troubled periods and extended hiatus from time to time, but has always come back and is currently on a pretty steady production schedule. This show only covers a bit of tech news that would no longer be relevant, and despite Harlem asking no one to do it, it would be a good idea to dive into the archives to see the path that Harlem and his podcast have walked.


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